What form should teachers use to request information and parent agreement?
How is user data protected?

All data is housed with GoDaddy.com  GoDaddy provides website security with their service.  For more information, please visit the following link:

YourStudent.com has SSL and Web Security Essential. An SSL is a way to encrypt the website so our visitors information is protected when submitting information. Not only does SSL encrypt the website, SSL adds trust to the site and is now a ranking factor on Google's Search Engine.

Furthermore, user information is only intended to be shared between student, teacher, and parent/mentor unless information is requested by student to be shared for higher education and/or employment recommendation needs.  

YourStudent is currently seeking financial contracts both in the public and private sectors to ensure future growth.



As a new teacher user, what documents are needed for training?
As a teacher, how do I setup and use YourStudent.com ?